March 2024

Midlands Parks Forum members attended Clent Hills for a fantastic learning event with National Trust representatives:

The National Trust’s aim is to develop a regional park working over a large area with multiple landowners, including farming, recreation and places to live and work. The regional park would help to ensure the land provides the most benefit to people in the area by providing a framework for landowners and organisations to work together.


Tom Grosvenor (Senior Project Manager – National Trust Understanding Experience Design – How the National Trust utilises its own methodology for masterplanning to develop holistic investment strategies for its places.

Helen Armstrong (Project Manager – National Trust). 8 Hills – An introduction to the concept of developing a new type of regional park aiming to prioritise greenspace connectivity for people and nature in Bromsgrove’s greenbelt land on the urban fringe of Birmingham. The presentation will also provide an update on progress to date and an overview of the pilot projects being developed this year to test and learn.

Hannah Blackwell (Project Manager – National Trust). Site visit/walk and talk to understand how undertaking Experience Design has informed future plans for the Clent Hills

Green Space Skills Learning Outcomes:

Vision, strategy, policies: Measuring open space quality, compiling evidence of green space benefit, demonstrating value.
People: Stakeholder engagement, communities, green space visitor management, healthy places, physical and social context of sites.
Environmental Stewardship: Biodiversity, habitat management, heritage
Professional qualities: Project Management, masterplanning, design.