Webinar & slideshow
May 2020

Midlands Parks Forum webinar

Here is the video and slideshow from the Midlands Parks Forum webinar for May 2020. Chaired by James Dymond.

Items included:

Part One:
• LI campus update, web site, November conference – Liz Stuffins
• Parks survey feedback and update, with government update – Ian Baggott and Chris Worman
• Current research and guidance – Ian Baggott and Chris Worman
• Post lockdown parks management – Ian Baggott and Chris Worman

Part Two:
• National Allotment Society Covid update – Diane Appleyard
• Fields in Trust 2020 – Angela Lewis
• Green Flag 2020 judging – Michele Walde
• Q&A from members, including parks cafes (Worcs), reduced mowing for diversity (Rugby)
• Any other business